Salsabil Building Solutions

SBS stands for Salsabil Building Solutions and is not only our strong brand for professionals, but also a label for sustainable, consistent quality. Established in 2010, SBS it is our response for a steady growing demand for sustainable, high quality building materials. As we have always been convinced, that quality and fair prices not necessarily need to be a contradiction, we started putting together a new range of products. Therefore we directly approached renowned manufacturers all over the world and extensively tested their products in order to check, if their products would meet our customers’ requirements.

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Painting tools

  • Paint Rollers and Refills – Made in EU
  • Paint Brushes – Made in Germany
  • Painting Accessories – Made in Germany


  • Waterproof Sanding Sheets – European Quality


  • Drywall screws, Made in Taiwan
  • Self-tapping screws, Made in Taiwan
  • Self-drilling screws, Made in Taiwan

Pneumatic tools & accessories

  • Brad nailers and brad nails
  • Staplers and staple pins

Furniture fittings

  • Drawer slides
  • Hinges
  • Drawer locks
  • Door locks
Salsabil Building Solutions

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