lineo Brushes

lineo is a tradition-conscious and innovative German brand. The innovative potential is evident in the rapid and flexible adaptation to market changes as well as in the continual development of new products and product innovation that can secure long-term customer loyalty.

Premium materials have a special significance for the quality of lineo artist brushes, dental brushes and cosmetic brushes. Out of conviction, only selected fine hairs produced in Germany are being used. These include kolinsky red sable hair, squirrel hair and high-quality synthetic hairs. When selecting their brush handles, lineo does not compromise on the quality of the woods that are being used and the premium lacquering.

lineo brushes are manufactured primarily by hand by experienced specialists. Even the brushes for school and hobby use are made by hand. In order to guarantee the high level of quality of their products, lineo regularly conducts employee training courses. Testing and final inspection of all brushes are performed by their experienced master brush maker himself.


lineo range of products:

  • Artist Brushes
    • Watercolour Brushes
    • Acrylic and Oil Brushes
    • Hobby and School Brushes
    • Script Brushes
    • Ceramic-, Porcelain-, Glass-Brushes
  • Cosmetic Brushes
  • Dental Brushes


  • lineo has been founded in 1911 and is a quality brand of Mesko Pinsel GmbH.
  • Handmade in Germany – final inspection is done by an experienced master hand.
  • Brand-name brushes with an excellent price/performance ratio.
  • Product innovation and continual improvements through cooperation with artists.
  • Exclusive painting workshops with well-known artists.


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lineo Brushes

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