Industries We Work With

Every day, we meet people from different companies, industries and backgrounds, with different projects and requirements. What they all have in common, is that they trust in our products and services. Although we have no restriction regarding certain industries, conventional contractors make up the largest share of our customers. For them, our know-how and the short-term availability of our colors and tools are most important. Another steadily growing large customer group, is the creative sector and its contractors. As we specialize in color matching and are open to innovative new materials and techniques, we are the right partner for designers and marketing-firms. They pay close attention to how their projects are getting realized in order to provide their customers the best appearance possible. Our colors bring every desired shade directly into shops, offices and exhibition stands without any compromises.

A smaller but growing customer segment is the DIY sector. Especially European and American expats appreciate our quality tools and our service. In order to personalize their homes, people rely on our advice and make their individual wishes come true.

Our expertise covers a wide range of areas of application. We offer the right tools and colors for industrial and decorative use and for different surfaces and materials. This includes all kinds of wall-coating and floor-coating as well as wood, glass and metal coating. No matter if you want to paint a house or a yacht - we have the right solution and are always here to help.