Timbertone Classic | Wood coating service in Pakistan

Timbertone Classic—The Ultimate Wood Coating Solution

In the 21st century, wood has experienced a real renaissance. The charm and charisma of wood is timeless. In modern architecture, wood is a popular and sought-after building material used for grand façades, doors, windows, and furniture, thus enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the interior and exterior. However, to protect the wood from weathering, deterioration, and other damages, applying wood coatings is crucial which works as a protective finish.

Duropal Paint

Refresh, Renovate, and Rethink Colors with Duropal Paints

Whether you are refreshing your room or going for a whole-home renovation, the selection of Duropal paints from Salsabil can offer the perfect blend of exquisite colors, superior finishes, and unmatched quality to bring your design vision to life.    Salsabil Building Materials is a one-stop shop for creating masterpieces with Duropal paints. Let’s dive […]

Pneumatic tools & accessories

Salsabil Building Materials: Powering Progress with Pneumatics Tools & Accessories in the UAE

What clicks one’s mind after hearing Pneumatic tools and accessories? Sounds more like a complicated industrial tool with excessive noise! Then what’s making it a cool construction solution? A pneumatic tool is also called an air tool as it is a device that uses air for its operation.    It is powered by an air […]

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